When it comes to gift giving, our favorite kids always make one request: craft kits for kids. Our love of crafting seems to have become contagious in our circle of friends and despite the different interests they may have, we always seem to find the appropriate kit.

Take a look at favorites, and see if you don’t know a kid that might benefit from receiving one!

Christmas Craft Kits

This is a great craft kit with all the materials included for very do-able projects. The directions provided are easy to understand and follow. Even though your kids could work on these crafts by themselves, you’ll want to lend a hand just for the fun of it!

It won’t take long to complete each craft and you have so many things to choose from! The end result will blow you away, and you’ll want to save all the completed projects for next year’s decorations. Craft choices include: snowflakes, tree ornaments and even a tissue paper wreath. The quality is so outstanding that you’ll be able to save your decorations for use next Christmas!

Leather Craft Kits

Everyone will have fun with this project!

This kit comes with all the stamping tools you could need, but you provide the stamping ideas. Don’t worry if your ideas are simple and uncomplicated…it’s all about learning to work with leather. If you’re aged 5 to 80 (or more), rest assured that you will enjoy this craft kit!

Happy Stamping.

Jewelry Craft Kits

If you’ve got girls in the house, you’ll want to buy them this craft. It comes with everything a young jewelry designer could need! Foam molds, string, you name it. This is a great rainy day activity and your kids won’t be able to put it away!

Bead Craft Kits

This bead craft kit contains both wooden and plactic beads. Parts are small, so adult supervision may be required if your youngsters have a tendency to put things in their mouths.