A Craft Project

Whether you are looking for a special craft project for a birthday party, lesson plan, using a specific craft supply, or for a certain age group you can find all that and much more right here. You can explore craft project offerings by material used, age, gender, topic, technique, and much more. Best of all, these craft project directions are all free!
Find a selection of free craft projects sorted by age. These age suggestions are merely guidelines, the best judge as to whether your child can handle these crafts or not is you. Your goal is to have them enjoy themselves without getting frustrated.
What better way to recycle than to make unique crafts using objects you might normally throw away. Using the ideas presented here, you can transform baby food jars, paper bags, orphaned socks, and several other items into crafty masterpieces.
Thinking about something a bit smaller and with less journeyed crafters? Consider watching your local area newspapers for announcement of local events. There are always a slew of craft fairs around usually beginning in late September through mid-December. These fairs focus on fall decorations and the Christmas holidays. You can purchase any type of decoration, flower arrangement, painting, food products, and jewelry, etc. at these shows-all made by local crafts persons.
Just Rite is all about creativity through crafting. The company has a 100 year history in providing stamps for the commercial stamping industry. Just Rite took their knowledge of the commercial stamping industry to provide quality tools for crafters, so they can take their creativity to a new level! Located in Illinois, Just Rite is all about creativity and fun and loves to hear from their customers as to how they are using their products to make interesting designs for their craft projects. It is their unique stamping options and their constant drive to provide their customers with the best products available is what sets them apart from their competition.